What's the difference between CashFlow and CashFlow Free?

No functional differences, but CashFlow Free shows advertisements.

How to transfer my data file of CashFlow Free to CashFlow standard?

Look this for migrate your data.

How to migrate my data file of CashFlow between iOS and Android?

Use data sync function with dropbox. Data format of both iOS/Android versions are totally same.

I can't make backup with internal web server.

CashFlow includes internal web server, and PC is connect it via 3G or WLAN connections. To use WLAN, the iPhone and your PC must be able to directly communicate with IP addresses.

If you have trouble to connection, use Dropbox (for ver 4).

To use internal web server, check following points.

  • iPhone must be connected to network (3G or WLAN).
  • If iPhone is connected to WLAN, PC and iPhone must be on same 'subnet'. Of course the WLAN access point must allow direct communication for them.

Can I backup data to some online storage service?

From ver 4.0, CashFlow support dropbox.

I can't find export menu

The export menu exists at each asset screen, and also assets screen.

How can I export csv/ofx data for all assets?

Do export on assets screen (not on each asset screen)

When I open the exported CSV file with Excel, some strings looks strange.

The string encoding of the exported CSV file is UTF-8.

If you double click the UTF-8 CSV file with Excel, some strings may broken for some locales. To open it correctly, start Excel and open the file with specifing the string encodings to UTF-8.

How can I change the currency?

You can change the currency settings in configuration menu.

Can I use mutiple currenty?

Sorry, but the CashFlow does not support multiple currency.

How to modify name of asset?

Tap blue right arrow button on right side of the asset.

How can I change initial balance?

Tap the initial balance cell.