Notice The application name of Android version had been changed from CashFlow to AssetFlow. See this link for more info.


'AssetFlow' (old name is 'CashFlow')is a simple asset management application for iOS / Android.
You can manage your daily cash income/outgo, bank, credit card accounts.

Features of CashFlow:

1. Simple and easy to record transactions

You can easily input your daily transactions. You can choose
description of transaction from history, much less keyboard operations.
Also you can fix balance with simple operation.

2. Support multiple accounts

You can manager multiple cash / bank / credit card accounts.
CashFlow supports transfer transaction between the assets.

3. Report functions

You can check daily/weekly/monthly/annual reports.

4. Export functions

All data can be exported with CSV and OFX format, so you can use
them with your PC. The export can send via e-mail, dropbox, and
internal web server.

5. Support Dropbox

You can export, backup and restore via your Dropbox account.

Screen Shots


For iOS


For Android

Google Play

How to use

Application name change

In 2015/7/13, the application name of android version had been changed, because it was warned that it infringes a other people's trademark. You can upgrade CashFlow std. for Android at Google Play, but you can't for free version because the package name was changed for free version.

I'm very sorry but you need to transfer the data with following steps, if you are using android free version.

  1. Backup the data to Dropbox. (Menu -> Sync -> Upload)
  2. Confirm the backup process successful ("Transfer done" message is displayed). Check if a CashFlowBackup.sql file exists in Dropbox.
  3. Uninstall CashFlow Free for android.
  4. Install AssetFlow Free from GooglePlay.
  5. Restore data from Dropbox. (Menu -> Sync -> Download)

Source code

  • You can download source code of the CashFlow from github with Git.

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